Food Our Way
I am in love with food and everything about it, Real Whole Food.  My family and I love whole fresh market shopping and creating a meal from grinding spices to dicing meat and stiring the pot for hours to perfect that perfect flavour with Love and Passion.  I am driven by fresh real food going into my little people and this love of health and wellbeing has made me bring to life jAK & MO​ for the people of Gatton to experience our local offerings in their purest form.
  1. Fresh Wholesome Ingredients
    Fresh Wholesome Ingredients
  2. Freshly Ground Spices
    Freshly Ground Spices
  3. Real Whole Food Menu
    Real Whole Food Menu
  4. Berries Galore
    Berries Galore
  5. Tempting Combinations
    Tempting Combinations
  6. Treats for the Tastebuds
    Treats for the Tastebuds
  7. Sauces made from Scratch
    Sauces made from Scratch
  8. Herbs from the Garden
    Herbs from the Garden
Great Food. Great Atmosphere. Great Time!